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Romans 2:4 – What leads to consideration (repentance)?

02-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Or are you despising the riches of his appropriateness (kindness) and forbearance and patience, being ignorant that the appropriateness (kindness) of God is leading you to consideration (repentance)?

There are enough preachers who threaten ‘hell and damnation’ and believe that in this way people come to “repentance”. But what kind of ‘conversion’ is that? Not wholeheartedly but fear-driven! Not based on trusting in GOD (= faith) but on distrust.

When Jesus once asked Peter to go to deep water during the day to set out his nets (Luke 5: 4), Peter had objected. Yet he did and what turned out? The nets were overflowing with fish! Friends in another boat had to help but even both boats together couldn’t hold the abundance of fish. When Peter saw this, he fell down before Jesus and said, “Come away from me, for a man, a sinner am I Lord!” Peter had not heard a preaching of thunder or words of condemnation. No, it was the kindness of the Lord that brought Peter to his senses.

True Biblical consideration (Gr. metanoia) is the result of GOD’S rich kindness. Such preaching leads to heartfelt consideration. It is GOD’S good news that touches hearts and brings people to their senses and to their knees.