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Romans 2:24 – The evil of hypocrisy 

30-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For because of you the name of God is being blasphemed among the nations, according as it is written.

It is hypocrisy what Paul exposes in these verses. To fully understand the seriousness of this evil of hypocrisy, we must pay attention to what it works out. This verse shows that. Hypocrisy is the prime motive why the name of GOD is blasphemed among the nations. Remarkably, while the nations do not recognize GOD, they still immediately recognize hypocrisy. She walks in the darkness but she smells hypocrisy from afar!

Hypocrisy says a lot about the person in question. But the worst thing about hypocrisy is that it falsly represents GOD, so He is blasphemed for it. We see that everywhere in Christianity. It is said that there is one GOD but at the same time that it would consist of three persons. Simplicity becomes complex. GOD is said to be loving and omnipotent, but at the same time they preach endless punishment in hell. Even a blind world knows that this is not correct and that ‘the church’ speaks with double tongues. The world is rightly turning away from that. She is fed up with such a ‘gospel’ (which is not a Gospel!)!