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Romans 15:3– The reproach of Christ

07-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

… for Christ also pleases not himself, but according as it is written, “the reproaches of those reproaching Thee fall on Me.”

As a motive for not pleasing ourselves, Paul here cites Christ as an example. On earth He was the Rejected, and even now, though in heavenly glory, He is still the misunderstood. And the reproaches that are sent up to God in heaven are His also.

Paul quotes from Psalm 69 where David as “anointed one” is the object of rejection by his people. Yet the “I” and “me” in this psalm is not David himself, but the Messiah who was hated for no reason (69:5) and made to drink vinegar in his thirst (69:22). Both Matthew (27:48) and Mark (15:36) as well as John (15:25; 19:28) refer explicitly to Psalm 69 and indicate that these words find their fulfillment in what Christ endured. David was not just a poet but much more than that. He was a prophet, as Peter also made clear to his fellow citizens on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:30).

To this day Christ has been misunderstood while the eyes of his people are darkened (cf. Ps.69:23 and Rom.11:9,10!). But because Christ was not concerned with himself, He endured the reproach, knowing that His God would turn all things for good!