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Romans 15:14,15 – bulging and filled

07-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

Now I myself also am persuaded concerning you my brethren, that you yourselves also are bulging with goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to be admonishing one another. Yet more daringly do I write to you, in part as prompting you because of the grace being given to me from God.

The first eleven chapters of this letter are doctrinal. From chapter 12 to 15:13 is the practical part. What follows are concluding words about his ministry (15:14-21) and travel intentions (15:22-33) and in chapter 16 many other greetings.

Paul apologizes in the verse above for his somewhat bold remarks. He is undoubtedly referring to his instructions in chapter 14 on the strong and the weak. Paul is convinced that his brothers in Rome itself are (more than) good enough and also have sufficient knowledge in all respects to make each other aware of this. The word for ‘admonishing’ (Gr. noutheteo) is made up of the words for thinking and placing and hence its meaning is: to place a subject in front of one’s attention.

That Paul had the audacity to remind his readers of daring things was because he was aware of the grace given to him from God. His words do not come from just anyone, but from a “called apostle” (1:1).