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Romans 14:12 – Giving account to God

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

Consequently, then, each of us shall be giving account concerning himself to God.

Paul has determined that everyone will be presented before the dais of God. In this context it is irrelevant when and how that will take place. It will take place and every knee will bow and every tongue will give praise to God. Then it will be seen that there is only one Lord and that it is all about GOD’S glory. That puts the relationships in perspective.

The conclusion in the above verse is as concise as it is accurate. Every phrase or word is spot on. Check it out.

Consequently then…”. I.e. our judgments now (read: prejudices) we would suspend.

“…each of us”. No one excluded. So not one does and the other doesn’t.

“… concerning himself”. I don’t have to give account what the other does and the other doesn’t have to do it for me.

“… giving account to God”. The word for “account” (logos) is literally “word.” Here it refers to “every tongue shall be acclaiming God” (:11). At “the podium of God” all our lives on earth will be put in God’s spotlight. Including the arbitrary issues. Everything is illuminated and clear. Then all that remains is for us to bend our knees and give All the glory to One!