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Romans 13:14 – The light conquers!

04-01-2022 - Posted by Hans

…but put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and be making no provision for the lusts of the flesh.

In contrast to “the works of darkness” (:12), the walk is “as in the day”. We who belong to the day arm ourselves with the light. Paul calls it Implements because it conflicts with a dark world. But remember: where light appears, darkness disappears (Eph.5:13). Darkness hates the light, because light puts an end to darkness.

In verse 12 Paul wrote about putting on “the implements of light.” Here he calls it putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. That is fundamentally the same, because the risen Lord Jesus Christ is after all “the Light of life”. He who puts on Him (cf. Gal.3:27) lives in the light. There is no room in it for “the works of darkness” or those of “the flesh.”

Paul does not recommend a war against the flesh (Eph.5:27). The point is that “the flesh” (=the body) would not be in charge. It is not desires in themselves that are wrong, but being guided by desires. Paul agitates against the “provision of (not: for!) the flesh”. “Policy” here is the same word (pronoia) as in Acts 24:3 when it comes to the providence of governor Felix. Where the light reigns, the flesh and desires become subordinate.