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Romans 13:11 – Being aware of the era

04-01-2022 - Posted by Hans

This, also, do, being aware of the era, that it is already the hour for us to be roused out of sleep, for now is our salvation nearer than when we believe.

The entire New Testament breathes the expectation of the Lord’s near return. At first it was believed that this would take place in the generation of the apostles (John 21:23) although the Lord had not explicitly promised it (Acts 1:6). Everything depended on the conversion of Israel (Acts 3:19-21) and only at the end of the book of Acts it becomes definitively clear that this would not take place in those days (Acts 28:26-28).

It is Peter who, towards the end of his life (mid-60s first century), indicates that we should think in terms of millennia when the Lord returns (2 Peter 3:8). But he hastens to say that this is no delay by or tardiness of the Lord. For to Him two thousand years are as two days.

Paul is “aware of the era” and no doubt refers to the special expectation during the Acts generation. We are now living nearly two thousand years later, and again we have much more reason to be alert. “Our salvation is nearer now than it was then…”!