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Romans 12:21– In good, conquer evil

13-12-2021 - Posted by Hans

Be not conquered by evil; but conquer evil in good

In the previous verses, Paul emphasized not to return evil for evil (:17). Not to avenge ourselves. Anyone who knows GOD knows that when injustice befalls us, we can leave this to Him. For He will grant justice. That knowledge gives peace of mind in the midst of all kinds of evil that can befall us. Of any kind.

GOD sets everything straight and, moreover, does it at the right time. He directs and his timing is perfect. That realization gives confidence but also patience. It creates spiritual resistance so that we are not overcome by evil.

Common translations usually read: overcome evil with good. But that is incorrect. It is not: with good but in good. That’s a subtle but important difference! Good is not presented as a weapon through which we overcome evil. No, the good is the atmosphere in which we conquer. We do not fight against evil, but overcome in good. It is not negative, but positive. By living in the good, we overcome the evil. As in the light there is no darkness, and in peace there is no war.