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Romans 12:15– Compassion

30-11-2021 - Posted by Hans

…so as to be rejoicing with those rejoicing, lamenting with those lamenting

Joy is a source from which everyone who knows God as GOD can always draw. This joy would be no exception, but the rule. Paul repeatedly calls out (Phil.4:4) to always rejoice in the Lord. Not because you have to, because there is no such thing as joy on command. Those who are happy because they have to, pretend and act. Nevertheless, there is always a source of joy. And that’s what Paul points out. To ” be rejoicing always in the Lord”, i.e. in Him who manages and controls everything.

However, the above verse is not about this constant motive of joy in the Lord, but about the people around us, who are sometimes happy and sometimes sad. As we all know changes in circumstances and the accompanying emotions. That is characteristic of this earthly existence and Paul honors that. His ideal is not a stoic attitude amid all the changes of fate. For it is God who deliberately gives both joy and sorrow a place in our existence. In that recognition lies the basis of sincere compassion for each other. With both a smile and a tear.