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Romans 12:12– Persevering in prayer

30-11-2021 - Posted by Hans

…rejoicing in expectation, enduring affliction, persevering in prayer…

Enduring affliction is passive. That is to say: one undergoes oppression, without being able to exert any influence on it. Perseverance in prayer, on the other hand, is active. Of course you do not undergo prayer, but you do. In both cases, enduring as well as persevering, it is all about tenacity and not being distracted by opposing forces outside ourselves or by feelings within ourselves.

There is a subtle difference between “persevering in prayer” and “persistent in prayers.” Prayers are plural and then we think of various moments or repetitions. In the expression “persevering in prayer,” prayer is seen as a single, continuous attitude. The idea is not that you pray every time, but that the prayer takes place continuously. Not as an alternative to other activities. No, prayer is an attitude of constant surrender to God. Not as an act alongside other acts, but as an attitude in everything we do.

The Greek word for prayer (pros-euchomai) contains the element of focus (pros). Just as a compass always looks to the north, so in all circumstances we may seek contact with and surrender to GOD.