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Romans 1:16 – The Jew first

23-07-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For not ashamed am I of the evangel, for it is God’s power for salvation, to everyone who is believing, to the Jew first and to the Greek as well.

We previously considered that this letter was written during the three months mentioned in Acts 20: 3. Until the end of Acts, the Jew had precedence. At first “the twelve” didn’t even think about going to the nations. That was not disobedience, on the contrary. First Israel would become believers, then the Messiah would return (Acts 3: 19-21) and through that way all nations would become part of the Kingdom. That was the perspective. That’s how the order would be.

However, Israel did not repent upon the message of the twelve. And then Paul was called, a thirteenth apostle, and he was sent to the nations. Because of Israel’s unbelief (!), The message of the Evangel now came to the gentile world (Rom.11: 11,15). But still with the intent to make Israel so jealous (10:19; 11:11). As a final wake-up call. The entire Acts period is marked by Israel’s conversion. That is why Paul always visited the synagogue first. Paul’s ministry would prove to Israel that salvation was sent to the nations (28:28).