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Philippians 4:9 Role model Paul

26-04-2023 - Posted by Hans

What you learned also, and accepted and hear and perceived in me, these be putting into practice, and the God of peace will be with you.

In addition to the general positive orientation that Paul recommends (:8), he here again concretely points to himself as an example (3:17). Paul is aware that since he received his teaching directly from Christ Jesus himself, it is therefore also normative. For he passed it on to the Philippians in the same way as he himself learned and received it. So not only does he recommend the content of his teaching, but also how they heard and perceived it from him. He is a role model in every way. As he writes elsewhere to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 11:1), become imitators of me as I imitate Christ. Christ is above at God’s right hand, and if you want to imitate Him, hear and watch Paul! Not to theorize about it but to practice it.

Two verses earlier (4:7) we read about “the peace of God” that will be with us when we give thanks to GOD in everything. But here the promise goes even further. When we imitate Paul in both teaching and practice, “the GOD of peace” will be with us. Not ‘only’ GOD’S peace is then our share, but He Himself!