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Philippians 4:4 Always rejoice!

22-03-2023 - Posted by Hans

Be rejoicing in the Lord always! Again I will declare, be rejoicing!

We have often noticed the emphasis on joy in discussing this letter. And the fact that this call is repeatedly made by someone who had so much reason to give up, underlines all the more how special this joy is. It cannot be compared to enjoyment that depends on external pleasures. True joy is based on knowledge independent of emotions and circumstances.

The reason for this constant joy is “in the Lord”, that is, in Him who controls everything and has everything perfectly under control and is guaranteed to bring it to a good end. Who never goes wrong. Rejoicing in Him is not a trick or an emotion but the awareness that He is Lord . And what if the feelings are completely absent? No problem, thank GOD and be glad that even when we are down or depressed and everything around us seems pitch black , the Source of joy still wells up undiminished. Don’t theorize about this joy, but insist . Make this rejoicing in Him an attitude of life . “Again I will declare, be rejoicing!”