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Philippians 4:2,3 The noses in one direction

22-03-2023 - Posted by Hans

I am entreating Euodia and I am entreating Syntyche, to be mutually disposed in the Lord. Yes, I am asking you also, genuine yokefellow, be adding them, these women who compete together with me in the evangel…

The two ladies mentioned here are nowhere to be found elsewhere. They contended with Paul in the evangel.. Maybe they opened up their houses? Anyway, they meant a lot to Paul’s work. They competed together with him, which also implies that they also encountered opposition together with him.

What the conflict between Euodia (‘good way’) and Syntyche (‘confluence’) consisted of, we do not read. Paul does not take sides; there may have been clashing characters or mutual rivalry. He appeals to his “genuine yokefellow” (lit. together-yoke-bearer) to mediate in the conflict between the sisters. Who that is is irrelevant. Presumably Epaphroditus who, after all, went to the Philippians with this letter and was one of them, but also a co-worker of Paul (2:25).

Fighting is part of passing on the good message. But what a shame it is when fellow fighters start fighting each other . That does not help the progress of the Gospel. The noses would point in one direction. Focused on the one Word and on the one Lord.