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Philippians 3:18 Enemies of the cross of Christ

22-03-2023 - Posted by Hans

For many are walking of whom I often told you, yet now am lamenting also as I tell it, who are enemies of the cross of Christ.

Verse 17 was a recommendation to walk after the example of those who imitate Christ as Paul did. That is in contrast to the many who walked as enemies of the cross of Christ. Many times Paul had already spoken about this with the Philippians, but this time he also says it with tears. He evidently grieved over the great influence of these “Judaizers.” In verse 2 he called them “dogs,” “evil workers,” and “the maimcision.”

These Judaizers wanted the believers to walk among the nations as Jesus of Nazareth walked on earth. No doubt they billed themselves as friends of Christ, but Paul denounces them as “enemies of the cross of Christ.” For the cross puts an end to all that they were so eager to boast of according to the flesh.

Jesus did indeed live on earth as a Jew under the law (Gal.4:4). But He died to redeem those under the law (Gal.4:5). The many enemies Paul refers to here allegedly held fast to Jesus’ life on earth, but they did not want to know about the meaning of his cross, his resurrection and ascension.