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Philippians 3:14– The calling above in Christ Jesus

28-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

… toward the goal am I pursuing for the prize of God’s calling above in Christ Jesus.

Paul has put all his cards on the target in front of him. His own achievements and achievements of which he was once so proud he forgets and stretches to knowing and making known Christ Jesus. That is what God has called Paul to and also the only thing of our existence down here that will last. It is the prize of God’s calling.

Paul extends to “the goal” which he described a few verses earlier as “that I might gain Christ” and “the knowledge of Christ Jesus” (:8). And also here in verse 14 is the trophy of the calling of God “in Christ Jesus” . Paul then does not refer to Jesus here on earth, but to Christ Jesus who is “above”.

Christ is risen and above, at God’s right hand. And since He is our life, so we seek and devise things which are above (Col.3:1-4). In Him we are reckoned and our position is that we are identified with Him . Whatever He is, so are we . That’s how God reckons. And when Christ will soon be revealed in glory, then so will we… with Him!