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Philippians 3:13,14– Óne Thing!

22-03-2023 - Posted by Hans

Brethren, not as yet am I reckoning myself to have grasped, yet one thing – forgetting, indeed, those things which are behind, yet stretching out to those in front…

In saying that he does not reckon he has already grasped it, Paul repeats what he also noted in verse 12. Why the repetition? Does he react against the reproaches of the ‘Judaizers’? For he taught that he already possessed righteousness through faith in Christ (:9). Paul’s opponents no doubt regarded this as an “arrived attitude” and laziness. But he doesn’t want to know about that.

Indeed, all the religious zeal of old has left Paul behind. But does this mean that zeal gave way to passivity? Absolutely not! Paul was seized by Christ Jesus on the road to Damascus, and he has had a new goal ever since. For knowing Christ Jesus is superior to all (:8) and that is what he is now reaching out for.

“One thing” only counts for Paul. As the man born blind knew only “one thing” John 9:25): I used to be blind and now I can see. And just as for Mary only “one thing” counted (Luke 10:42) and that good part would not be taken away from her. What precious simplicity!