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Philippians 2:26,27 – Count your blessings

28-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

Since, in fact, he was longing for you all and depressed, because you hear that he is infirm. For he is infirm, also, very nigh death, but God is merciful to him, yet not to him only, but to me also, lest I should be having sorrow on sorrow.

Paul feels obliged to send Epaphroditus back to the Philippians immediately and not to wait until Timothy also goes to them. Epaphroditus longed to return to the Philippians, partly because they were so concerned about his physical condition. He felt burdened by their concerns about him. It illustrates why Paul speaks so highly of him. For Epaphroditus was not troubled by his illness, though he had been literally deathly ill. But no, he felt bad because the Philippians were depressed about his health.

Paul does not attribute the fact that Epaphroditus has now recovered to fervent prayer. He only attributes it to God’s mercy. Not only to Epaphroditus but also to himself. “…lest I have sorrow upon sorrow”. The many troubles had not left Paul unscathed, but he was always aware: GOD does not make mistakes. Paul counted his blessings and Epaphroditus’ recovery was one of them!