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Philippians 2:23,24 – Waiting for the starting gun.

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

This one, indeed, then, I am expecting to send – as ever I may be perceiving my course from the things about me – forthwith. Yet I have confidence in the Lord that I myself shall also be coming quickly.

A few verses earlier, Paul wrote (2:19) that he would quickly send Timothy to the Philippians. He explains why he had not done so yet. First there had to be clarity in the things that concerned himself. It cannot but be that he is referring here to information about the time of his release. There is no doubt in his mind that Paul will soon be allowed to leave prison, but the exact time is still unknown. As soon as he will have clarity about this, he will send Timothy. Until then, he wants to keep his faithful companion with him.

That Paul also expects to visit the Philippians himself soon and thus to be released, is a convincing indication that he did not write this letter during his imprisonment in Caesarea (Acts 23-26), as some interpreters have suggested. For during that period (two years; Acts 24:27) Paul knew by revelation that he would not be released until he had testified in Rome (Acts 23:11). With his trial in Rome drawing to a close, Paul will soon be able to resume his activities. He is eager…