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Philippians 2:16 –For my glorying in the day of Christ

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

… among whom you are appearing as luminaries in the world, having the word of life, for my glorying in the day of Christ, that I did not run for naught, neither that I toil for naught.

When the Philippians shine like stars in the night by their grateful attitude and by the “word of life” they uphold, then that is also a reason for Paul to boast. Not because he considers this his achievement, but because he has been allowed to serve as an instrument in it. For the light that the Philippians spread is the effect of the Word that came to them through Paul.

The day of Christ begins when we as believers will meet Christ Jesus together in person (1Thes.4). Then it will also be revealed what God has been able to do and work out through us. Hence, later in this letter (4:1), Paul calls the Philippians “my crown” (lit. my laurel wreath). His efforts were crowned in what it works out in the lives of the Philippians.

On the day of Christ, what God has been able to do through us will become visible. And because it is God’s work and achievement , we will cast the crowns before His throne (Rev.4:10). To Him all glory!