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Philippians 2:11– For the glory of God the Father

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

… and every tongue should be acclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord for the glory of God the Father.

That the highest glory comes out of the deepest humiliation, is a fine illustration of the meaning of Christ Jesus’ disposition. He is the perfect model for completely emptying himself for the sake of the glory of God. Therefore, although He was the Son of God, He took the form of a slave. And that is why He humbled Himself to “the death of the cross”.

It is God’s purpose to bring every creature, celestial, terrestrial, and subterranean, to a heartfelt acknowledgment of Him as God and Father. And this purpose He accomplishes through Christ Jesus. Through Him YAHWEH saves…all! And therefore it is in the name of JESUS ​​that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall bear witness from the heart: JESUS ​​(=YAHWEH saves!) is Lord!

That God saves every creature, precisely through the One who was condemned to “the death of the cross,” by the world, proves GOD’S boundless yet unconditional love. In the end, no one will be able to avoid that conclusion. No heart so hard but it shall be won by the supremacy of GOD’S love. Every tongue shall acclaim…for the glory of the one God, the Father!