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Philippians 1:25 – progress and Joy

01-01-2023 - Posted by Hans

And, having this confidence I am aware that I shall be remaining and shall be abiding with you all for your progress and joy of faith.

Paul considered both the benefit of dying and that of staying alive. In either case, Christ would be magnified in his body (1:20). He did not want to choose between the two possibilities, but he did want to reveal that he longed to go (in the resurrection) to be with Christ.

Meanwhile, Paul was already convinced that he would be saved from prison (1:19; 2:24). That would also give him the opportunity to visit the Philippians again and thus contribute to their progress “and the joy of faith.” Again, that emphasis on joy and gladness as we find it throughout this letter.

Wouldn’t that “progress” to which Paul would contribute actually be “the joy of faith”? After all, the apostle wanted to teach his readers to rejoice more and more. To always rejoice in the one Lord and in that one faith. Regardless of the ever-changing circumstances. Such joy is not a station we have reached once, but a road on which we are allowed to move forward continually.