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Philippians 1:22 – No human say

01-01-2023 - Posted by Hans

Now if it is to be living in flesh, this to me means fruit from work, and what I shall be preferring I am not making known.

For Paul to live is Christ and to die is gain. In both cases, Christ is magnified in his body. Continuing to live in the flesh, that is, in the mortal body, would mean that he could continue his fruitful labors. Because there was still so much to do, and he could mean so much.

To live or to die for the cause of Christ, Paul mentions both options. Notice that he views these possibilities purely from the point of view of Christ. Wherein Christ is most magnified, Paul cannot say. And in practice, this is not a human choice anyway. Live or die is not a question that is put to us. We have no say in that at all.

Besides, it’s none of Paul’s business either. He is a slave of Christ and what is best for his earthly career is none of his business. His Lord may determine that for him and that is why he refuses to express his preference. What confidence, devotion and commitment emanates from such an attitude to life!