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One God or a triune God?

04-12-2011 - Posted by Marlijne

Christianity is called a monotheistic religion, but the average Jew (like the Muslim) believes very little of it being such. Since the fourth century AD, every Orthodox church (from the Roman Catholic to Greek Orthodox and from the Reformed to the Charismatic), teaches that God is not one, but is three-in-one. An obscuring formulation: a. nowhere in the Bible can it be found, b. it goes against all logic and c. (this way) no one understands the concept…

God the Son?
Jesus addressed His heavenly Father as being “the only true God” (John 17:3) and also to Paul and his readers, it was a foregone conclusion: “for us, there is one GOD, the Father…” (1Cor.8:6). Yet, these and other perfectly clear words, could not prevent that the concept of multi-gods, via philosophy, conquered Christendom. Thus, the council of Nicea introduced the term, “God the Son.” Dozens of times we read in Scripture about “God the Father”, but not even once (!) about ‘God the Son’. Instead, we read about fifty times about “the Son of God”…

Mystery? The doctrine of the Trinity is called a mystery by its supporters, but in reality it is a mystification (=falsification). Disguised polytheism. And to think that this doctrine constitutes an integral part of the basis of every (!) orthodox christian church and institution. The Athanasian Creed assures: “Who wants to be saved, must believe the doctrine of the Trinity.” And: “This is the common belief. Whoever does not sincerely and steadfastly believe this, cannot be saved”. Is not it astonishing how “the god of this eon” has managed to successfully distort even the most basic Biblical truth?!