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02-12-2012 - Posted by Marlijne

It is quite noteworthy, that in the book of Acts, when Paul presents the Evangel to non-Jews, he first of all makes known that there is but One GOD. In the synagogue that was not necessary, because there, this truth was and is well-known. In fact, “one GOD”, that is the core creed of Judaism. Before Paul could speak about the crucified and resurrected Christ Jesus, it had to be made clear that there only is one GOD. In his letter to the Romans, Paul asserts that every human being (latently) knows this (1:18-21), but that this truth is suppressed. That is why it was his standard practice to remind his Gentile audience of this fact. Think of his famous speech at the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17).

First he confronted his audience with the truth that there is ONE, Who created everything and gives everything a place. Sometimes he did not get any further than just telling them this, as was the case in Lystra (Acts 14:15-18). It is not meaningful to speak about Jesus Christ, His ransom and His victory over death, if it is not first clearly known that there is but One GOD. One Who determines everything and with Whom never anything goes amiss. He also gives evil (sin, suffering, death) a place and purpose in His perfect plan to bring everything to a wonderful conclusion. Without this substructure, “the Evangel of the glory of Christ, the image of God” (2Cor.4:4), will not be able to take root.