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on the threshold of 2014

03-01-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

images20 CORE-BUSINESS 2013 was a year with a high GoedBericht-developments. I’m obviously not talking about what newspapers and journals had to announce, because that’s usually doom and gloom. Neither am I talking about our private lives, however much, we are aware (even with an occasional headwind) of the blessings we experience. No, I’m writing about the way the Good News Message, by means of the spoken word, as well as by means of the written word, has progressed. There are recordings (mp3’s, power-points, videos) of over eighty meetings added to the Listen & Watch page. There were over one hundred fifty blogs written about many Biblical subjects, which by the way, also found their way into the English-speaking world, for every blog on GoedBericht.nl (usually within a day) is translated in an excellent manner by Peter Feddema (Ontario)! And what is also important: people are good at finding the website. To give you an impression of that, below are the statistics of the past week, as it is maintained by the provider of the website. traffic  101 BOMBS and GRENADES  An experience apart, this year, was the publication (on the initiative of the Boinnk Foundation) of my debut, ‘101 bombs and grenades’, subtitled, ‘why the Evangel is really Good News. That book has caused quite a shake-up in the lives of some people, although it has, so far, consistently been ignored within the Christian stronghold. A sensible approach, by the way, because the message of the book is for them indeed explosive and dangerous. The same Boinnk has also organized a seminar in Zwolle, this past March 3, where a great deal of interest was in evidence. Something similar is on the program for the coming Sunday, January 5, in Deventer. OTHER PURSUITS The spoken and written studies are, undoubtedly, the spearhead of GoedBericht.nl. But be it known, in practice there is much more being done. I’m thinking of the many emails that arrive everyday and often contain questions which cannot be answered in a minute or two. Many times, I receive questions behind which is hiding a personal story. Looking after the daily correspondence takes from one to two hours, to complete. Time and attention this year, also was requested for officiating at several funeral services. In addition, visiting the sick, the elderly or people who otherwise requested help, was very time consuming. Although I do not especially look for this kind of work, nevertheless, when it comes my way, I do not want to withdraw from it; but do it as much as I can. I love doing it and I’m aware that it fills a need. But I realize that, in this, I also fall short. I would like to go and see many more people who need and request a visit, but, unfortunately, I do not have the time to fully look after this evident need. On account of all the above mentioned activities. I have already cut back on giving Dutch lessons to Polish groups. I still do this two full evenings per week (from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.). DONATIONS GoedBericht.nl is supported by many who have a warm heart for the message as it was made known by Paul among the nations. Only because of the many generous gifts could I make maximum time available (read: refuse freelance work) for GoedBericht.nl. That we do not respond to donations made, is definitely not due to not being very grateful for them. On the contrary, we consider donations as God’s gracious gifts and so, together with you, give Him all the honor and thanksgiving! HOME I am also very grateful to Petra for helping to make this work possible through her substantial contribution to the family income, by working four days per week at an accounting firm. I would not be in a position to do this work, almost full-time, if she was not wholeheartedly involved in this work with me. We experience a similar support from our three children. A very great blessing that is, indeed! GOEDBERICHT-WEEKEND Because the GoedBericht-weekend, 2013, again proved to be a success, there is also for 2014 a weekend on the program. This time it is scheduled for May 23-25, again in Maarn. You can learn about the ins and outs, as well as how to enroll, as soon as details will be announced on the website. PLACES Except for the odd meeting, here and there, almost all the meetings were held in Zoetermeer, Rotterdam, The Hague, Rijnsburg and Bodegraven. Since this past autumn, Urk has also been added to host a regular meeting. So, there is planned a monthly meeting for the coming three months in Urk, as well. And on Saturday, this coming March 15th, there even is programmed in Urk to be a seminar, with the theme “One GOD”. Two enthusiastic Urker sisters (in the double sense of the word) have initiated this and despite some fierce opposition from the orthodoxy, the flag of God’s grace will be flown to beckon many, there, to come and hear. So we go courageously forward! FINALLY In short, dear reader, there’s plenty of work! It’s great to discover new riches in Scripture and to share them with you. Also 2014 (as long as we thus have the opportunity) will stand in that token. It is ever so encouraging to learn how many people were made joyful and happy again in 2013 with the unsurpassed good message from GOD, with whom never anything goes wrong and who is a Savior of all mankind! How would people ever get to believe this, if they do not get to hear it?! Such is the mission of GoedBericht.nl. On behalf of the Board members of the Foundation GoedBericht (the administrative umbrella of the work) and also on behalf of the home front, I say: A Happy New Year! God’s blessings and … the best is yet to come!!! 31-12-2013 16-13-09