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Matthew 14:30 – Fear versus Faith

03-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet, observing the strong wind, he was afraid. And, beginning to sink, he cries, saying “Lord save me!”

At night Jesus had gone up the mountain while the disciples had been sent out to sea to meet him elsewhere. But in the night a violent storm broke out and the waves hit the ship. When it was almost morning they suddenly thought they saw a ghost on the water. However, when they are reassured that it is Jesus, Peter asks to come to him over the water. In faith he got out of the boat and walked over to Jesus. Jesus’ word was enough for him.

But then… from Jesus’ word he heard, his attention shifts to what he saw around him. Strong wind, high waves. And at once panic struck and he started to sink. Faith made him walk on the water. Fear of what he saw around him made him sink.

The question is, do we believe GOD’s word or do we look around at the storm that is going on? The difference is this: fear sinks us while faith enables us to do the impossible!