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knowledge through contrast

01-10-2015 - Posted by Andre Piet

images_10 God is the Creator of all things. He forms (in His own words; Isa.45:7), the light and the darkness… He creates by taking the light away. He makes the shalom (=peace) and creates evil… by taking the shalom away. As cold arises where warmth is lacking and darkness where light is lacking, so evil arises where peace is lacking. Only by means of contrast, man learns to know good. Health is appreciated against the background of disease. The meaning of life we learn to understand in the context of death. Without tears and difficulties man would never be able to know love. And without blame, we would have no knowledge of the value of forgiveness. Mercy and compassion flourish only where there is misery and squalor. God does not make mistakes. When He placed the tree of the  knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, He knew what He was doing. It was no surprise to Him when Adam ate of this tree, because “He knows that we are soil” (Ps.103:14). Knowledge of good is not “sold separately”. Only through the experience of evil, man would learn to know good. And above all, learning to know GOD. And GOD is LOVE (1Joh.4:8.16)! images9