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Jesus IS your Saviour!

12-12-2011 - Posted by Marlijne

Recently spotted at the ‘Pauluskerk’ (Paul’s Church) in Rotterdam

translated: Jesus wants to be also your saviour

The Dutch spelling of the slogan on this car is not correct. Oh well, you might say, why fuss and bother about a typo? But why not state that Jesus IS your Savior?, as well as that He is the Saviour of the whole world? You can read it in John 4:42 and in 1John 4:14. He gave “Himself a ransom for ALL” (1Tim.2:6). As we can’t do anything about the fact that we are all sinners and mortals, so we can also do nothing about the FACT that Jesus (His name means “YAHWEH is Saviour!) guarantees the salvation of ALL MANKIND (See: 1Tim.4:10; Rom.5:18; 1Cor.15:22). “Every man in his own class or order …”.

There is nothing anyone can do about this fact… just believe it and rejoice!