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is there life before death?

14-09-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet


For even as, in Adam, all are dying, thus also, in Christ, shall all be vivified. -1Cor.15:22-

The verse, shown above, is a summary of the Evangel as Paul preached it. It is the core message of Romans 3, Romans 5 and 1Corinthians 15. Because the comparison is simple, and the first part is a determination without a single exception, this makes the second statement so majestic in glory. That all people die (lit. are dying) is not a choice and is totally independent of individual influence or of performance or non-performance. Our human fate is sealed in our common ancestor Adam. That makes us mortals. Well, so it is also with the sequel. In Christ shall all be vivified (= made alive beyond the reach of death). That applies to the same “all” as are spoken of earlier in the sentence, otherwise the comparison does not make sense. Also, not “all in Christ”, but “in Christ all”. Inevitable. Absolute and universal! There is something else that stands out in this comparison. Humanity, in its present position, does not “live” according to Paul, but it is dying. Dying is the name of the process that ends in death. All of mankind are mortal. What we call ‘life’, does not deserve that name, according to Paul. Life is the name of what “in Christ” came to light, when He was raised from among the dead (2Tim.1:10), as the first one. Once for all time (Rom. 6:9). Incorruptible, in glory and in power (1Cor.15:42,43). That is  LIFE, capital letters! Life beyond the reach of death. In the world, it is discussed whether there is life after death. It’s an almost ludicrous inquiry in light of what Paul has to say. It turns out to be the exact opposite, because there is LIFE, not before, but only and exclusively beyond death. God is “the living God” Who “is vivifying all” (1Tim.6:13) and in that way abolishes death.