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Galatians 5:25 – Observing the elements by the Spirit

25-10-2022 - Posted by Hans

If we may be living in spirit, in spirit we may be observing the elements also.

The first man became a living soul because the spirit (breath) was breathed into him (Gen.2:7). And it is no different in the new creation: the second man became alive because God raised him from the dead by his Spirit. It is this Spirit who now dwells in us by faith and will soon give life to our (still) mortal bodies.

That we live by God’s Spirit is a fact. It is also only logical that we can only observe the elements through that same Spirit. That is what was previously called walking in the Spirit (5:16). Or be led by the Spirit (5:18). That Spirit alone also produces the fruit called love, with its eightfold excellent qualities (5:22).

The life of the Spirit is received by faith (3:14). Observing the elements by the Spirit is no different: by faith (2:20; 5:5). God promises and He delivers (cf. 4:28). Faith foresees this in advance. In this way we receive life and in this way we can also “Observe the elements”. That is not a human achievement. It is the Spirit who guarantees this and provides the proof in “the fruit of the Spirit”.