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Galatians 5:18 – Being led in Spirit

29-09-2022 - Posted by Hans

Now if you are led by spirit, you are not still under law.

The phrase “led in Spirit” is a passive form in our language, but not in Greek. In addition to a passive and active form, Greek also has a so-called ‘medialis’ (= middle form). This form has both a passive and an active element in it. The ‘medialis’ is a form that cannot be squeezed into our either/or scheme. A believer is led (=passively) but is also actively involved in it and not just an unwilling plaything. We receive strength, inspiration and directions but we ourselves walk (:16) and take steps.

The Spirit in which we would be led refers to “the Spirit of God’s Son” (4:6) and thus also to the Life of the Resurrection (4:29; 5:25; 6:8). It is the vivifying Spirit of the promised new covenant (2Cor.3:6) that will soon be made with Israel. Then the Israelites will no longer be “ under the law” because God will write His laws on their hearts. God’s will is no longer a burden, but a pleasure!

“… being led in Spirit ” speaks of the sphere in which the leading takes place. An atmosphere of freedom (2Cor.3:18), beyond the open grave. There love, joy and peace are found as “fruit of the Spirit” (5:22).