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Galatians 5:13,14 – One word, Love!

29-09-2022 - Posted by Hans

For you were called for freedom brethren, only use not freedom for an incentive to the flesh but through love be slaving for one another. For the entire law is fulfilled in one word, in this: “You shall love your associate as yourself.”

Freedom is the foundation upon which we were called (lit. “called to freedom”). But freedom in itself is a negative concept: you are free from … For example, free from the obligations of the law. However, freedom needs content and it is found in love. This love is called agapé in Greek , which means  unconditional love. It is love as God loves his creatures. He does not forsake the works of his hands.

The special thing about this agape love is that since it is unconditional, it is also unbreakable. This love causes you to never be separated from the other. In this sense, agapé love is slavery (“through love be slaving for one another”) on the understanding that it is not an imposed bond but an inwardly driven bond.

The law is prophetic and foretells: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Where a man comes to know the love of God, the law is fulfilled . Love gives meaning to freedom and brings the other close so that he rightfully becomes an associate.