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Galatians 4:16 – The truth is hard

31-08-2022 - Posted by Hans

So that I have become your enemy by being true to you?

“The truth is hard,” goes a well-known saying. By that we mean to say that the truth is often confrontational and painful. We may find that an unpleasant quality, but facts are not interested in your or my emotions. Facts are facts, regardless of whether we find that pleasant and acceptable.

Proverbs 27:6 says, “Faithful are the injuries of one in friendship yet shifty are the kisses of one who hates.” It seems love to make compliments and utter flattering language, but when it violates the truth, that love is but appearance. And yes, the truth can hurt. However, sometimes that is unavoidable and love requires it (1 Cor.13:6). Because, as another saying goes, “ gentle healers make stinking wounds”.

The Galatians’ love for Paul was mutual. But had their love now turned to enmity just because Paul confronted them with ‘inconvenient truth’? The Galatians letter is fierce and passionate in tone, that is true. It proves that Paul truly loved them. The truth is harsh. Thank God for that, for because it is hard, we can build and stand on it! Unshakable!