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11-02-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet


“The living God is the Saviour of all men”, writes Paul, and he adds, “especially of believers” (1Tim.4:10). Is it an achievement to believe? No, not at all. Neither is it a choice. I believe (or trust) that, because God’s Word has convinced me. When I so believe, then is that HIS achievement! That God saves all people is pure grace. To this, there is absolutely nothing to add, nor to subtract from. And if I may already knows this now, then that is an extra measure of grace; a marvelous privilege, because only a few are given to have this, thus far. Not only the knowledge, that God is the Saviour of all, is a privilege, but in particular, also the sharing of this Good News. Nothing gives as much satisfaction as to make others happy with these greatest of riches. It’s like the unlimited distribution of thousands of dollars on a busy shopping street. We don’t need to worry, at all, what people will do with it. Do they not want to receive it (“surely that can never be free!”)? No problem. Do they throw it on the ground and trample it with their feet? So be it. There’s more than enough! Maybe a bona fide (= true believer) will take it seriously and feel as rich and happy as a king. That’s what it is all about! That is evangelization. We have a Good News Message, that seems too good to be true. That is also the main reason why people do not want to receive it. So much riches for free; that can never be true… But some know better, thank God. They live by and off these riches and share them, generously and unconcerned.   ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema