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everything has cohesion in Him

14-02-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet


… and He is before all, and all has its cohesion in Him. Col.1:17

Paul speaks in these verses about the Son as the “image of God, the Unseen”. As an image (icon), the Son existed already before the creation. In Genesis 1, we read how heaven and earth and everything therein, was created, but the ICON, in which God made man (Gen.1:26), was already there.

“All things have their existence in him”. The word “exist” in Greek (sunistao), is literally “together-stand”. The Concordant Version has translated it with: ‘cohesion’. All things are interrelated with each other “in Him.” Whichever facet of creation we examine, we always see the image of God, the Son projected. Whether it is light or water, the sun or the stars, it testifies of “the light of the world”, “the water of life”, “the sun of righteousness” and the “bright morning star”. And whether we see a vine or a kernel of grain, honey or a bee, a rock or the blue sky, an oak tree or a palm tree, a lamb or a lion, everything shows the ICON of the Creator. The Son of God was born “in the fullness of time”, but as image He was already “from the beginning”!   ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema