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Ephesians 6:1 – Obey your parents

25-09-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Children, be obeying your parents, in the Lord for this is just.

Previously, Paul wrote to his readers to be subject to each other (5:21). This means that everyone in a subordinate position would also act as subordinate. That is to say: to recognize the other person as being in charge. Wives would be subject to their husbands (5:22) and thus recognize them as those who lead the way and have a decisive voice.

In healthy relationships, decisions are taken harmoniously in consultation. But suppose there is a stalemate or conflict, then there should be someone who decides. In a marriage that person is the husband and in a family those are the parents. Parents are not the bosses of their children, they are responsible for their children. If the children are not doing well in the house, then the parents are accountable.

With this heavy responsibility of parents it is only fair and just that children recognize their parents as their superiors. The parents take care of their children and pay for them (2Cor. 12:14) and the children in turn recognize the authority of their parents by taking heed to what they say. Very simple. More is not asked of the children.