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Ephesians 5:27 – Glorious and shining

25-09-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…that He should be hallowing it, cleansing it in the bath of the water (with His declaration), that He should be presenting to Himself a glorious ecclesia, not having spot or wrinkle or any such things, but that it may be holy and flawless.

The Subject here is the love of Christ for the ecclesia (people’s assembly), that is, for the gathered people of God. Wherever believers gather around their Head (even if there are only two or three) and listen to what he has to say, that is where the ecclesia is. There the whole people are counted to be present. And there he does his work to her: sanctifying and cleansing. He does so by serving his word (as a water bath) to her. And thus, he himself presents the ecclesia: glorious and without spot of wrinkle or the like. Note that the ecclesia is only a direct object here. It is Christ’s word that does all the work to her.

These verses deal about the present work of Christ. He makes the ecclesia glorious, that is, by his word (=light) he makes her shine. Like the sun makes the moon shine. And the irregularities? They are no longer seen. Every stain or wrinkle disappears where His brightness appears!