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Ephesians 4:32 – Charizomai

31-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet become kind to another, tenderly compassionate, dealing graciously among yourselves according as God also, in Christ, deals graciously with you.

Most of the translations speak in the above verse of ‘forgiving each other’ as God ‘forgives’ us. But ‘forgiving’ is another word in Greek. The word ‘charizomai’ here means ‘to deal graciously’ It is derived from the Greek word ‘charis’ which means grace or favor. That is to say: joy for free.

If there are mutual grievances, the it is very nice when we can let that go without charging the other person. Even if only to stop carrying reproaches around. But ‘charizomai’ goes much further! Not charging someone else is negative. But ‘charizomai’ is positive: to make the other person happy.

‘Charizomai’ is not human. It is as GOD presents himself in Christ to us. Not only by not charging all that can be blamed on us. No, GOD proves his favor to a world that killed his Son, by guaranteeing them Life. There is no enmity against so much ‘unreasonable’ favor. “The old humanity” can just be angry without reason. “The new humanity on the other hand is, as a standard, without any special reason, friendly and dealing graciously!