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Ephesians 4:16 – assimilation of the supply

09-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

… out of Whom the entire body, being articulated together – and united through every assimilation of the supply, in accord with the operation in measure of each one’s part, is making for the growth of the body, for the upbuilding of itself in love.

At first glance this sentence seems quite opaque. However, the general meaning is clear. It’s about “the entire body”, so the ecclesia, being articulated together and united. “Each part”, i.e. all individual believers are included in “the growth of the body”. But how? Paul says (literally translated): “through every assimilation of the supply”. The idea is that the entire body is constantly supplied of food, water, oxygen etcetera. And that supply takes place by “contact” of the body parts. Paul uses a Greek word, whereof our word “haptonema” has been derived from. Literally it means ‘touch’.

How does the Head Christ supply the body parts of food? By mutual contact between the believers. Together they form a community and therefore they seek to contact each other. This strong, healthy, organic pressure makes that we can support and build each other. How else than by exchanging GOD’s Word in love, which each other?!