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Ephesians 4:14 – the systematizing of the deception

05-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

That we may by no means still be minors surging hither and thither and being carried about by every wind of teaching by human caprice by craftiness with a view to the systematizing of the deception.

In the time of the apostles and prophets, Christ gave gifts to definitively equip the ecclesia for the time that would remain on earth. The gifts themselves would indeed fall away (passing away) but their legacy (the completed scriptures) would serve as an infallible compass. As a standard and a norm. Not as superfluous luxury but necessary to remain steady in the midst of every wind of teaching and the delusion of the day.

“Wind of teaching” refers above all to teachings that would arise in Christendom. After all, one would not endure sound doctrine anymore (2 Tim.4). Sneaky, cunningly, the error would be systematized. The Greek word ‘methodia’ refers to systematic and strategic deception. Deception that has been placed in strongholds of knowledge. In universities and colleges. Protected by intellectual titles. Captured in learned books and dogmatics. This makes error to be impressive. Only those who are armed with “it is written” know better. That Word perfectly enables to see through each lie.