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Ephesians 4:10 – Completing all

22-06-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

He who descends is the same who ascends also, up over all who are of the heavens, that he should be completing all.

On earth, Jesus went his way in humiliation to eventually die the most humiliation death. From the third day in the grave his ascension began. In his prison letters, Paul emphasizes the present, hidden position of the resurrected Christ, at God’s right hand.

That place there “above all of the heavens” is completely hidden from the eye. Scientists and news outlets can’t do anything with it. Neither do politicians. That is not the goal. Christ is hidden and that is what characterizes the present day. That is why Paul writes elsewhere (Col 3:3) to believers: “the life of you is hidden, together with Christ in God”

Today God is gathering, of course also in secret, an ecclesia, to be “the Body of Christ”. In order to later share in his position and to govern heaven and earth. The head is there already “…that he should be completing all” God thinks big and all-inclusive. What else would we expect from Him?! “All” will be brought to fullness by Christ. That is high as the heaven and wide as the sea!