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Ephesians 3:21 – the eon of eons

15-06-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

… to Him be glory in the ecclesia and in Christ Jesus for all the generations of the eon of the eons! Amen!

Paul’s prayer finishes in an ode to the all-powerful GOD. Who else than Him should receive all glory? Among the ecclesia, the community of GOD nowadays, and in him who is the Head of that group, Christ Jesus.

And this ode to GOD will sound, through all generations, until in the “eon of eons”. In this letter the past eons (3: 9) were already mentioned, “the eon of this world (2: 2), “the eon which is impending” (1: 21), but also the “upcoming eons” (2: 7). The upcoming eons are the world eras in which Christ will reign (Luke 1: 34).  Those will be transcendent to all previous eons. Therefore they are rather standardly called “the eons of eons” (Revelation 11: 15). First on this earth the Millennium will come, “the thousand years” (Revelation 20). Afterwards Christ will continue his reign on a new earth, in the upcoming eon (Revelation 21). Nobody will die as from that moment. That eon will be even more glorious than the previous! Therefore it’s called “the eon of eons”. Constantly transcendent glory. That’s the future that is waiting us!