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Ephesians 2:12 – Without God in the world

29-05-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…and without God in the world…

In Greek, Paul uses a word here (atheos) from which our concept of ‘atheist’ is derived. In romans 1 we read that every man knows by reason that GOD is there. Because the design that we encounter in every facet of nature points at a Designer. Just like a piano, a computer or a piece of music indicate a masterly brain. It is plain weird to have to assume that this could happen automatically. Only prejudice and (academic!) indoctrination can bring people to that point.

But the people “without GOD” Paul refers to in his days were no ‘atheists’. They did not exist back then. No the people “without GOD” were usually very religious. Many gods were served. But that is precisely why they were “without GOD in the world”. Because there is either one GOD or no GOD. If there is more than one GOD (one, two, three … or a thousand), then this means that every god must share his power with other deities. What one decides, the other could undo. Several gods are by definition limited in their ability. And therefore not really GOD.