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Ephesians 1:6 – for the laud of the glory of His grace

04-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…designating us beforehand for the place of a son for Him through Christ Jesus; in accord with the delight of His will, for the laud of the glory of His grace…

In this section Paul writes about the unimaginably high position that is reserved for those who are “in Christ”. Intended to receive the inheritance, heaven and earth (:10). Made one with Christ Jesus. What did we do to earn that? Answer: Nothing. Or else: what is GOD’S motive for us to be designated as sons? Pauls answer to this question is: it is in accord with the delight of GOD’S will. In other words: GOD wants this because he likes it. How so? Because it is “for the laud of the glory of His grace”.

In Christian jargon, “grace” usually has the narrow meaning of the remission of debt. But the Greek word ‘charis’ means so much more. Grace means: ‘joy for free’. Grace means: favour. God’s choice and the predestination in his plan must fully reveal the glory of his favour. Our works and merits would only detract from this. For GOD wants everyone who looks into his ‘shop window’ to be stunned by the grace that He exhibits!