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Ephesians 1:20 – From among the dead.

07-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…rousing Him from among the dead…

The meaning of the expression roused or risen “from among the dead” could easily be misunderstood. Many consider it to be meaning ‘risen out from death”. But did you know that this is never said like that anywhere in the Scriptures? In itself it is true, but the Scriptures name it quite differently. And the difference is substantial.

Death is a state  in which someone is. It is opposed to life. Someone who is dead, is not alive. It is black and white. Nowhere in the Scriptures is death another way of life. After Jesus died, he was dead. Until the third day, because then he was vivified.

But as the Scriptures speak of “death” (Gr. thanatos), it also speaks of “the dead” (Gr. nekros). ‘Necros’  is not about a state but about persons which are in that state. One dead person, two dead. And, here it comes, Christ was roused “from among the dead”. Which means: Christ was roused while all the other dead remained in their graves. Christ’s resurrection from among the dead determines us by this unique fact: all the dead remained dead… with the exception of the One, Jesus Christ.