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Ephesians 1:12 – pre-expectant

04-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

… that we should be for the laud of His glory, who are pre-expectant in the Christ

Paul just wrote (1:10) how God will head up “all” in the heaven and on the earth in the Christ, in the complement of the eras. “All”, no creature is excluded. Thus Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 15, that all people will be made alive, like the firstfruit, Christ.  But he adds: “each in his own class”. The last ‘class’ won’t share in the reign of Christ, because they are still dead during that reign. Only when Christ will abolish the death, his final rule, also this “class” will live forever and receive immortality.

But, while entire creature is waiting glory, believers have an earlier expectation, already today. They share in the body of Christ and so they will be soon, as pre-expectants, be involved actively in the realization of GOD’s plan. Therefore they are chosen and predestined. They will receive an extraordinary prominent task in the oncoming eons (2: 7). Believers of today are pre-expectants. The big harvest isn’t yet there, but they are the scoop. A selection and the leading group, prior to the peloton. What a privilege!