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Ephesians 1:10 – the complement of the eras

04-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…in accord with His delight, which He purposed in Him to have an administration of the complement of the eras, to head up all in the Christ…

GOD has a comprehensive plan. He works it out through eras. These eras play an important role in this letter. In this respect, Paul often writes about “eons”, i.e. world-ages. In 2:2 we read about the “eon of this world”, a term expressing that the world is connected to an eon. Elsewhere we read about “the world of the irreverent” which ended in the days of Noah. In 3:9 we read about “eons in God”. 1:21 is about “this” and “that which is impending”, and 2:7 about “the oncoming eons”.

Christ will reign in the “oncoming eons”, when all will be subjected to Him. But also those eras will be completed. The work, performed by GOD in Christ, will be completed successfully. “The all”, GODS entire creation will get to its destination. That will happen in, how 3:21 calls it, “the eon of the eons”. The superlative of all world-ages. Then God will have realized all he intended. In a perfect way!