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Ecclesiastes 3:14 – All that God does

19-11-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

I know that whatever the One Elohim, is doing, It shall be for the eon; Onto it there can be nothing to add. And from it there can be nothing to subtract; The One Elohim, He does it that they may fear before Him.

Our existence on earth, from the cradle to the grave, is only a speck of dust on the map of the eons (‘ages’, world eras). To the extent that a person is and means something, it is only because GOD has a plan and realizes it. Only what He does has lasting value and defies the eons. All that a person with his intellect, ingenuity, strength and zeal believes to add to GOD’s work is vanity. It does not put any weight in it. GOD does not need man for the realization of his plans. Then man could boast of his own contributions. None of that! Fortunately, it is also not possible that our plans and activities can take away anything from GOD’s work or intention. He who lives in heaven laughs at such claims (Ps.2: 4).

It is this insight that puts a person in place. I am a creation, He is the Creator. That attitude is called “the fear of GOD.” And there wisdom begins (Ps. 111: 10).