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1Corinthians 4:3 – Human examination

12-01-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now to me it is the least trifle that I may be b being examined by you or by man’s day.

Of all things of value, the opinions and judgements of people count least for Paul. Those judgements and opinions existed about him. He was aware of the judgements that also went around about him in Corinth. But it hardly interested him. This did not only apply to all kinds of private judgements inside and outside the ecclesia. It also applied to the judgements of the courts. Literally, this passage deals about the judgements by a “man’s day”. The word ‘day’ here has the meaning of a judgement. As we also speak of ‘challenging someone in court’ or ‘subpoena’. The apostle also had a lot of experience with such judgements. And many times it had also become costly to him.

But all these judgements could not really touch Paul because he was aware that it was only human judgement. With all its limitations. The only judgement that really counts is that of Him who knows all the facts but also the motives and ‘the whole picture’. Everything will come to light on his day. Honest and irrefutable.